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Broken pieces

September 12, 2017

Brokenness is always very frightening. Especially when we don't like mess. Or brokenness. Or messy brokenness. But I've encountered unavoidability. Life has a way of making sure you pass all the stops before you head home. Somehow. Even if U-turns are accidentally (or intentionally) involved. I used to be so motivated by avoiding pain and brokenness. I fix things. 


I used to be.

I've no longer allowed myself to be.

For the sake of growth and maturity and my goal of facing it all. Head on. Even when my head spins. Why? Because the fullness of life is excruciatingly delicious and nauseatingly real. Because before my last breath, I want no regrets. I want to be fully awake and fully aware. In it all.


We try to avoid brokenness and pain and mess. But here's something you really need to realise: its unavoidable. And that's really ok. Broken pieces cut things and need to be handled with care. But broken pieces do not say that YOU are broken. Broken pieces sing a lullaby of humanity, and on the shore of hope, broken pieces are able to be put back together. Re-arrangenged. Stronger. Better. Scarred - etched markings of a life lived. 


And beautiful. Sometimes the most exquisite stories are the ones that broke apart first.

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