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The Gift of Pain

November 6, 2017

The confrontation of pain brings with it two choices: feel or numb out. How sublime. Pain. Have you ever noticed how pain can bring you to a pinnacle of fully living? How pain can exacerbate every moment you partake it? How pain can fully immerse you in experience? It's pain that awakens us to the crispness of life all around us, and pain that invites us to wax the slough of identity off the newness waiting to heave underneath last season's decay. Grow. 




Pain gives gifts. And it is within the gift of pain that we're able to find a reason to carry on living, and a reason to become more of who we're fashioned to be. Within each of us, is a deeper truth, a remembrance, DNA that knows who it speaks of and who we're spoken into being. Pain places us face to face with the very things that don't resonate or harmonise with our own deeper truth. Pain offers choice.


The gift of pain? As an offering, it's handed to you to plant you at a crossroads of freewill choice. Grow or dislocate. Feel or numb out.


In gratitude, I thank God for pain because it is pain that has reminded me of the intensity life carries with it, and with that, that overwhelming joy experienced once dopamine courses through the neural pathways of a brain choosing to assimilate and understand the meaning of pain and become more through yielding and letting go (not dislocating; letting go).


I am by no means a proponent of self-abasement; I am an encourager. And I believe that every offering handed to us in this unfolding of life, is an opportunity to go deeper into conversation and relationship with the One who Creates. Every placement of bread upon the table of feasting (whether in the presence of friends or enemies) is an opportunity to grow and mature. And even pain, is a gift.


When that moment finds you, you get to choose. Will I feel and grow, or will I numb out and dislocate?


 Feeling and growing are brave choices. Finding gifts within pain, are courageous perspectives. 






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