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Johannesburg South Africa

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November 26, 2017

 You're not mistaken.


Time has a way of unfolding truths that we prefer to leave buried under the surface of makeup and fresh hair. But under those things, unmistaken stories sit silently. Courage listens.


It's easier to carry on fresh-faced and painted than watch the etchings of age write their notes across your landscape. But these are all unmistaken. 


It's ok to stop and listen. To those lines across your face. The smiles and the frowns. And it's ok to acknowledge the unmistaken. When the caterpillar fashions its chrysalis, it makes no mistake in retreating from the world for a brief period of time. It surrenders its form and yields to the dynamics of nature. Behind its folds, it breathes change and listens to the stories it lived crawling twigs and leaves. Unmistaken. And as time approaches to become what vibrates in its DNA, it cries in gratitude, thanking every memory that wrote the song to its present day emergence. Unmistaken. Time has a way of reminding us of those truths that courage chooses to listen to. It is braver to remember and thank (in the joy and in the pain) each etching that filled the belly of the caterpillar waiting (all along) to fashion its chrysalis, die and then choose life. The smiles and the frowns. Unmistaken. 





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